Thursday, 5 January 2012

First digiscrapped page!

Last week I discovered Craft Artist Compact, the free version of Craft Artist.  And I love it - finally I can do something with all those photos I've taken over the years!  I've always intended to do "real" scrapbooking but never seemed to have the right embellishments for each page, and I never could quite work out how on earth the finished page was supposed to fit into an album;-)

So here's my first page; I know that if I had the full version of the software I would do things differently - the free version is great but for obvious reasons its functionality is limited. These are old pictures now, taken when my son had just turned 6 - he's now 12!  They bring back memories of a fantastic afternoon when we stumbled across a perfect beach and ended up with a cove almost to ourselves; only one other family besides us.  Then suddenly we realised that the tide was coming in & we had to pack up quickly, otherwise we'd be cut off!

Digikit free from Daisytrail; extra embellishments by Rachel Dickson (Seaswept, available from and

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