Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Embossing Paste Alternative

Lately I've been making a huge effort to start using what I've already got in my stash rather than buying new. So if I spot a craft item I'd like to try, I look for a home made alternative first rather than splashing the cash. Embossing paste seems to be popular at the moment and a quick Google search to try to find out what it was made of led me to an American discussion about "spackle" which turns out to be - Polyfilla! I decided to try using some of the One Strike Filler we had to hand, and which costs about £3 a tub. It's strange stuff, very light like marshmallows, so I mixed it with a little bit of pearlescent stencil paint to turn it a gorgeous purple colour. I cut an acetate stencil on my Eclips using an SVG file from here then spread the paste over it to make this:

It dried within 30 minutes to a rock hard finish. Now I've no idea whether this bears any resemblence to the proper arty stuff but I think it looks pretty darned good!

This last picture doesn't make it look too good but I'm not sure why - it looked a lot smoother than this would have you believe!

Cardstock: Anna Marie Designs
Imagination Crafts Stencil Paint
Stamps: Imagination Crafts
Ink: Brilliance Pearlescent Lavender


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